SPORT 2000

We welcome you, and it is with great pleasure, that we will advise you to best meet your needs for the rental of ski equipment, as well as for the purchase of textiles and accessories.

All styles of skis, for all levels

We have selected a range of models for all levels of skiing. We are at your disposal to advise you and let you try the most suitable models

We provide you with recent rental equipment selected from the best brands.

For beginners, soft and easy to handle skis. For the more expert skiers, a choice of freestyle, freeride, piste, racing skis...

Intermediate skiers will appreciate versatile skis that allow them to ski comfortably on all types of snow.

Children also have the choice of several styles of skis

A large choice of boots with professional advice

The choice of a pair of ski boots is the most important of all the equipment. The right boot for your level, your foot shape and your weight makes your skiing days much more enjoyable.

So we put our expert skills to work to advise you in your choice of boots.

An original activity to try this winter

The electric mountain bike

In this exceptional environment, surrounded by snow-covered landscapes, you can ride through the forests around the Espace Cambre d'Aze on a bike with all the comfort of a fun activity, alone or with your family.

Our electric mountain bikes will take you on a simple discovery ride from half an hour, to a full day ride, alone, with family or friends, on the snow, to discover or rediscover this exceptional environment that is: ESPACE CAMBRE D'AZE.

SPORT 2000 will be able to guide you towards itineraries adapted to a fun practice of mountain biking without effort.

SPORT 2000 can also offer you itineraries arranged by cycling instructors. Enjoy a beautiful ride through the dedicated mountain paths. Come and test the capabilities of these bikes on the snow: sliding and fun guaranteed with friends or family.

Thanks to these huge bike tyres and whatever your level, you will be able to ride on the snow in complete serenity

Would you like to try it?

Helmets, masks, gloves, poles

Our range of accessories will allow you to choose original and high quality products.

  • Protection : helmets
  • Sun protection : goggles and masks
  • Gloves
  • Boots
  • Poles

Bonus service on rental skis 

To ensure that every skier gets 100% out of his or her rental equipment, we guarantee full maintenance after each return from skiing.

The necessary operations are carried out to make the ski as good as new:

  • The filling of holes and scratches
  • The sharpening of edges for an optimal grip
  • The waxing and polishing for a better glide

But also .........

Ski boot storage and drying

To make your holidays easier, we allow you to leave your rental skis in the shop. As the shop is located at the foot of the slopes, you can pick up your skis each morning before you hit the slopes of the Espace Cambre d'Aze.

For your boots, we have heated lockers. Your boots are perfectly dry to ensure maximum comfort.